Ivanka Trump, the daughter of US President Donald Trump, closes her fashion business. That is what she says on Tuesday in a statement. 


“When we started this brand (in 2007, ed.), No one could predict that we would achieve such success,” said 36-year-old Trump. Under the brand that bears her name, clothing, jewelery, bags and other accessories are sold, reports The Hollywood Reporter . 

“After spending seventeen months in Washington, I do not know if I would return to the company, but what I do know is that my focus will be on the job I’m doing here in Washington in the near future, so this decision is the most wise for my team and partners. ”

Ivanka Trump moved to Washington DC last year, the city where the president resides since his presidency from early 2017. She works there as a consultant in the White House. 

Since then, the future of the brand is uncertain. Department store Nordstrom no longer sold it and Neiman Marcus decided not to sell the brand anymore. The reason for this was not disclosed, but possibly the chains did not want to associate themselves with the policy of the new American president.