33-year-old Irina Shayk ( Irina Shayk) spent a day off with her two-year-old daughter Leia. A star with a child was noticed on a walk in New York.

The top model appeared on Manhattan Street in a sports outfit. Irina appeared in a black tight-fitting crop top , emphasizing the dignity of her athletic figure , and dark trousers. Total black look was perfectly complemented by massive boots with lacing and a mini backpack. Shake gathered her hair in a bun and refused makeup.

With one hand, Bradley Cooper’s ex-lover drove the stroller , and with the other, she gripped Leia’s hand tightly. Irina dressed the baby in a funny dress with the characters of the Russian cartoon ” Masha and the Bear.” The girl carried a small pink handbag with her.

Mom and daughter were sent to the toy store , located in the West Village neighborhood. On the way, Leia met her friend. A girl in a yellow dress joined the star family. A baby older than Leia obediently followed Irina.

Shake previously worked at Milan Fashion Week. The star took part in the Moschino brand show. During a performance on the catwalk, Irina slipped . However, she managed to restore her balance and continue the defile with dignity.

The Russian woman admired the Italians with her sense of style. On the streets of the city, the top model appeared in sexual images. One of the most memorable was the release of Irina in a dress with an extremely deep neckline.