Apple goes further in protecting the private data of its users.

Apple has always made the protection of personal data a policy. For the giant, the price paid by its buyers justifies the fact of protecting their privacy while the latter also refuses the installation of backdoors on its products. Result? A huge conflict with intelligence services and a sidelining of Facebook, often suspected of looting the confidential information of its registrants. With this in mind, Apple now requires applications to explain to users the management they intend to make private data through an information link.

Apple relies on transparency on private data

This is a new rule that just set up Apple. The giant explained to developers of iOS applications that it will now provide an informative link about the management of private data. All will have to comply even those who do not exploit this sensitive information while the Cupertino company persists in its policy of protecting the personal life of users. For those who do not know, Apple has repeatedly refused to collaborate with the secret services including the installation of back doors on its devices.

Once the user has opened the information link (under Safari, Apple’s default browser), the latter will be able to discover the type of data collected, the way this “harvest” takes place, the reason for this collection. and steps to request the deletion of private information. As previously explained, if developers want to continue to be distributed on the App Store, they will have to comply with Apple’s requests.