Protesters in masks began throwing bottles and firecrackers at law enforcement officers, who responded with tear gas.

In Paris, at a regular rally of yellow vests, clashes between the protesters and the police began. Law enforcement officers had to use tear gas,  reports  BFM. A total of 7.4 thousand police officers were withdrawn to the French capital.

Major clashes unfolded in the area of ​​the Rotonde restaurant. Protesters in masks began to throw bottles and firecrackers at police officers. According to the latest data, more than 160 people were detained.

In mid-March, the protests of the yellow vests ended in massive arson , violence and vandalism. President of the country Emmanuel Macron had to interrupt his vacation, but instead of making concessions that the vests sought, he threatened with “strong” decisions.

Initially, the vests protested against the intention of the authorities to impose a tax that would lead to higher prices for gasoline and diesel. They also demanded an increase in the minimum wage. As a result, this movement began to oppose the politician Macron as a whole.