A British Airways passenger plane failed to land at London Heathrow due to a hurricane, writes the Daily Mail on February 8 .

At the end of the week, Hurricane Eric hit the UK, and two people have already been killed.

Passenger Boeing landing on Friday. Despite the strong wind, the pilots managed to keep the multi-ton aircraft in balance.

However, when touching the runway, a gust of wind still threw the liner, forcing the pilots to gain altitude again.

According to weather forecasters, hurricane speed in some regions of Britain reaches 80 km / h, wind gusts exceed 110 km / h.

In a number of cities, the wind has thrown trees, power supply has been disrupted due to damage to power lines, some roads and bridges are closed to transport, rescuers do not rule out flooding.

On February 2, at the airport of Magadan, due to the strong wind, several liners could not land. Attempts of pilots to land one of the planes were witnessed by videotapes.