A wellknow Attorney from St. Louis jumped to death from multi story office building. As per the reports a well know Attorney jumped from 11th floor from office building situated at One Memorial Drive in downtown St. Louis.

The Person who committed suicide has been identified as 61 year old “Ed” Brown. He was famous and used to wear eye patch on the eye and also seen regularly on television ads and advtertisements billboards in the region.

According to the initial statement from Polic Sgt. Keith Barrett the victim “Ed” Brown jumped from the 11th floor and landed on roof of the 3rd story.

A representative David Shulman from the Law firm said “We are shocked and devastated,” “We request the privacy of the family is respected during this most difficult time.”

David also said that family of Ed Brown is in shock and seclusion and not in condition to make any comment

According to the St. Louis Police officer Michelle Woodling statement “homicide detectives visited the scene however, “since there were no suspicious circumstances noted at this time, the investigation is being handled by district detectives.” The incident has been reported as case of suicide.