Idris Elba would like John Boyega to become the first black James Bond.

Idris Elba would like John Boyega to be the next James Bond.

While the actor of the series ‘Luther’ had been approached to take over the role of the iconic spy, the latter thinks that the actor of the film ‘Attack the Block’ could become the first agent 007 black.

When asked who should replace Daniel Craig, who will play the agent for the last time in ‘Dying Can Wait’, the English actor reportedly told The Sun newspaper: “You have to give this role to John, he would be perfect in James Bond.

“People see spies differently these days and I think a younger James Bond is possible. If they decide to go for a person of color, they should take John ”.

At the moment, the favorite for the role is Sam Heughan.

The ‘Outlander’ actor – who auditioned for the role in 2006 – recently emerged at the top of a poll with 30% of the vote, with more than 80,000 fans of the franchise giving their opinion.

Separately, Boyega recently announced that he was done with ‘Star Wars’.

The 28-year-old actor stars as Finn in the franchise’s latest trilogy – Finn also appeared in ‘Rise of Resistance’ and lent his voice to a character from the ‘Star Wars: Forces of Fate’ series.

When asked by a fan if he was planning to reprise his role, Boyega insisted he had moved on “to other things.”

Under a photo from the ‘Attack the Block’ movie poster shared on Instagram, one fan commented, “Finn is back with his green lightsaber and black outfit, that’s the only thing I want to see in the next SW. ! “

To which the actor replied: “lol no thanks. I moved on to something else ”.

Another fan attacked him, saying, “He just took the Disney money before he quit,” and the actor retorted, “No. I have been playing this character for a long time, I have other things to offer. That’s all “.