While Daniel Craig on the next – and this time exactly the last one – is going to try on an agent 007 tuxedo, in the UK they choose who will replace the actor in the role of James Bond, and the results turned out to be somewhat unexpected.

The network of British cinemas ODEON decided to conduct a survey among viewers to find out who the audience themselves consider an ideal candidate for the role of James Bond after the departure of Daniel Craig. Surprisingly, the majority voted for Idris Elba – 26% of the survey participants believe that it is time for the first-ever black Bond.

Slightly yielded to colleague Tom Hardy – for him voted 22%. The remaining potential candidates for the role of James Bond are significantly behind – Tom Hiddleston scored 11% of the vote, and James Norton and Aidan Turner – 5% each.

Daniel Craig on the set of “Bond 25” will go in December this year, and the premiere of the anniversary part of the Bond is scheduled for October 25, 2019.