British actor and director Idris Elba will receive a special BAFTA Award at the end of this month. He receives the prestigious British television award not only for his acting work, but also for championing diversity and offering opportunities to young talent.

The BAFTA Special Award will be officially awarded to 47-year-old Elba during the virtual presentation on Friday, July 31, the organization announced Tuesday.

“Idris is one of the best-known British actors and has a long and successful career on screen and as a director, producer and writer,” said a statement. “But he is also a driving force in creating more diversity. He also allows talented people from all backgrounds to make the most of their potential.”

Elba, son of African immigrants, won a Golden Globe in 2012 for his role in the police series Luther . In recent years he has also been active as a producer in his production company Green Door Pictures.

“It has always been my mission to offer opportunities to emerging talents from different backgrounds,” said Elba. “I got that opportunity myself years ago from open-minded people during the casting. It is a great honor to receive this award.”