33-year-old Emilia Clarke ( Emilia Clarke) said , how to care for themselves. British actress explained , that helps her look perfect.

The star of the cult series ” Game of Thrones” opposed the radical methods of correction of appearance. Brunette hopes , that it will be able to avoid injections of Botox and fillers. Instead of injections, Emilia prefers proper facial skin care. It includes regular facial massage.

” I want to do everything possible , to take care of their skin. It is also a form of self-care – I put my efforts , to look good … I try to massage your face in the morning or in the evening, “- said Clark. Many famous beauties use the facial massage technique , including Meghan Markle and supermodel Cindy Crawford.

Emily pointed out , that her mother worked in the beauty industry. The future celebrity from an early age realized the importance of careful self-care. “Since 10 years, I cleaned , tinted and moisturized the skin twice a day. I could have fun all night , but the next morning I still woke up with clean skin, ”the actress quoted Mecca as saying .

In ordinary life, a star refuses dense makeup. As a daily make-up option, she uses mascara and bright red lipstick.

The beauty and freshness of the face of the performer of the role of Daenerys Targaryen was appreciated not only by her fans. Emilia became Clinique’s first global ambassador for skincare and makeup. Now, a miniature actress will often share the secrets of self-care.