These days, Prince Harry spends in Tokyo, where he came to the final of the Rugby World Cup. This time, Meghan Markle was unable to keep company with her husband and, along with 6-month-old Archie, remained in London. But thoughts of her didn’t leave Harry

Before the decisive game, Prince Harry had several meetings. First, he attended training for athletes of the Paralympic Reserve, and then met with a group of local schoolchildren. During the picture for a common photo, one of the students did not take her eyes off Harry. The girl was so fascinated by the prince that she could not admit: “And you are beautiful.”

Harry reacted to an unexpected compliment in a very funny way.

IM married! -said the prince, showing the ring on the ring finger under the general laughter the other children. 

The rugby match, by the way, ended not in favor of the English national team. The South African team won with a score of 32:12  , securing the status of the world rugby champion with a third victory in the history of the championship. Prior to that, South American athletes won the honorary trophy in 1995 and 2007.