Hugh Grant has the junk shop that ran at the Supreme Court against Rupert Murdoch’s Mirror Group. The 57-year-old actor would have received an amount of six figures.

British media report that.

Grant would have heard the details of the settlement Monday morning.

In 2011, the actor published an article about recordings he had made during a conversation with Paul McMullan, a journalist from News of the World .

During this conversation, McMullan stated that the editors of Daily Mail and News of the World had ordered illegal phones to be listened to. Leading British politicians would know about this.

His story generated a lot of media attention. For example, questions were raised about the investigation into the death of teenage girl Milly Dowler in 2002 and a voicemail message that would have been erased during one of the hacks.

Eavesdropping scandal

The actor became the face of public anger against Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. In September 2012, Grant News of the World complained  because his phone was hacked. Other celebrities such as Jude Law, Sean Connery and George Michael were also mentioned in the bugging scandal.

Grant already arranged in a lawsuit against the media company and donated the money at the time to Hacked Off, an organization that is committed to stricter supervision of the British scandal press. The lawyer of the actor says that he will donate the money from the current settlement to this organization again.

Earlier, a similar case by actress Sienna Miller was already arranged.