Earlier this year, Hugh Grant gave an interview about the actors with whom he had the opportunity to play, which ended up reconciling him with Robert Downey Jr.

Hollywood is glamor, glitter, beautiful friends … … and also all those who can not be framed, rightly or wrongly. In an interview for Peoplemagazine , Hugh Grant talked about some of the actors he’s been playing with since the beginning of his career.

 Thus we learn that the filming of The King of the donation in 1995 took place with some tension, since Robert Downey Jr. the ”  hated ” and ”  wished [the] killing at first glance.  Not very nice. The person reading these words immediately responded. ”  In twenty years, a lot has happened. I respect how Mr. Grant has become mature as an artist and I respect his fight against privacy violations. Let’s break the bread together as soon as possible,  “he tweets.

A message that did not remain unanswered for a long time. ” Thank you. Nice way to start the year. And yes, if you go through London, come break the bread. But it will not be easy, it’s my five-year-old son who does it. But you look strong. Respect, “replied the hero of 4 weddings and 1 burial. The hatchet is buried!