The Chinese company Huawei is in the process of launching its own operating system (OS) Hongmeng and will launch it within a few months, said the vice-president of the company, Andrew Williamson.

According to him, now the operating system is being tested in China, and in the near future, Huawei will register a trademark, Reutrers writes .

In May, the US Department of Commerce put Huawei on the black list for activities allegedly carrying the threat of national security. Companies have banned the purchase of technology and components from American manufacturers and conduct business with the US business without permission from Washington.

May 19, contacts with Huawei suspended Google. Because of this, the Chinese company lost access to updates of the Android operating system, and on new smartphones, Google Play, Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, maps will be absent.

Later it became known that Huawei can use the Russian equivalent of Android – OS Aurora.