They want to fight the dismantling of an American environmental law by the US Congress and some lobbies.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) is launching its new American campaign with several Hollywood stars. For Pierce Brosnan, aka James Bond, or Mark Ruffalo, Hulk in the Avengers, we need to protect endangered species.

“The Endangered Species Act is being attacked by Congress,” says Pierce Brosnan in the video. Follow Wilmer Valderrama, Madison Beer, Slash , Goran Visnjic , Samantha Bee and  Susan Sarandon . Everyone defends an animal: from the humpback whale to the grizzly bear, through the giraffe. All of these animals are normally protected by the ESA (Endangered Species Act), a law that protects endangered species . The videos are posted on YouTube and Twitter.

According to the IFAW, members of the US Congress, pushed by some lobbies, would like to dismantle the ESA.

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