Actor Sean Bean explains the importance of creativity and improvisation to be a real murderer.

Expected officially for November 14 on PS4, Xbox One and PC (an early access will be available from November 9 for all players having pre-ordered the Gold Edition or Collectors Edition), Hitman 2 unveils its launch trailer with the presence of Sean Bean. The latter demonstrates how a wide range of seemingly harmless objects can become deadly weapons for Agent 47. From explosive plastic ducks to transistors, to kitchen utensils and flamingo costumes, the world is beautiful. and a weapon for the famous bald man with his red tie and black suit.

Renowned for his many deaths, the actor will also be the first fugitive target by playing Mark Faba, a former agent of MI5 reconverted into a hitman and known as the “Revenant” who derives its reputation from its unique ability to simulate his own death. The fugitive # 1 target with Sean Bean, titled “The Revenant”, will be released Nov. 20, one week after the launch of Hitman 2.

The launch trailer of Hitman 2