Hilary Duff shows how huge her pregnant belly is.

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Hilary Duff  is ready for her baby to arrive.

“Baby, hurry up!” The pregnant mother wrote in a photo she shared on her Instagram Story . In the selfie, the actress showed her tummy as she approaches the nine months of her second pregnancy. Hillary can not wait to have her baby since she knew she will have a pretty girl with her boyfriend Matthew Koma . “Basically I jumped almost one meter from the ground lol,” he wrote in the video where he revealed his baby’s gender. “Hurry up, I want to meet you,” he added in the form of a label.

Since then, the Younger actress is looking forward to the day when she does not finally have to get up “nine times in the night to pee.” However, he said, “It’s very nice to have a little life inside you and be able to dream of all the adventures that will come.”

A source previously told that, “She has said that this pregnancy is very different from Luca’s, and that she forgot how it was to be pregnant!” It has been much more difficult, but she has not had any complications, she just had to get used to the rapid changes in her The process took away a lot of his energy, but in general, things are going very well and both are preparing for the arrival [of the baby]. ”

Despite the discomfort, Duff has not let his growing tummy be an obstacle to enjoy the good things in life, like his annual vacation to Hawaii. The getaway was a relaxing baby honeymoon for her, her son Luca and a friend. Baby # 2 technically joined in the fun because Duff did not stop showing her pregnant belly in a black bikini.

As the star approaches the final stage of her pregnancy, the future father is “getting very anxious” . “[Matthew] is too attentive and makes Hilary laugh, she thinks it’s very nice that he’s already so involved, they are inseparable and Matthew is very much in love with Hilary, they will be great parents together,” the source shared.

And Luca is just as excited to meet his little sister. Previously a source revealed that the 6 year old “is always asking about his ‘baby sister’ and always shows interest.”

In a recent Instagram post , Duff told her future daughter, “I appreciate that Matt and I have been chosen to be his mom and daddy.”

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