Katy Perry (35) is very candid about the pregnancy of her unborn daughter. In the radio show ‘Kyle and Jackie O Australian’ Katy tells how she likes the pregnancy. And she even shows her grown baby belly.

“My hands are swollen, my feet are starting now too”

Katy now weighs about 86 pounds, which is more than usual for her. She now calls herselflarge and in charge. Tijdens het interview laat Katy ineens haar gegroeide buik zien en we kunnen allemaal goed zien dat Katy echt hoogzwanger is.

The singer is grateful for her body. “Experiencing this gives you a whole new perspective on how you look at your body,” says the singer.

Katy has now reached the point where her entire body is swollen, she says in the interview. “My hands are swollen, my feet are starting now too. And although the corona crisis has many disadvantages, Katy actually likes that she is now more at home. She can work better on new music.” I am very hard at work. work. So now it’s nice that I don’t have to travel that much. “