Boom. Netflix and the actor himself have confirmed the information: Henry Cavill will be Geralt in the series The Witcher.

If you were hoping for a little-known actor in the skin of the main character of what will undoubtedly be Netflix’s next big fantasy board, that’s a failure. About a month after expressing his interest in the role, Henry Cavill saw his wish fulfilled: he will play Geralt in the Netflix series adaptation of The Witcher. Composed of 8 episodes, the first season of the show will be based on the novels of Andrzej Sapkowski and not on CD Projekt RED.

Superman to Geralt of Rivia

It’s via Instagram that the particular man seen in Man of Steel and Mission Impossible Fallout unveiled the information with a television picture where we can see a Netflix profile on behalf of the witcher Geralt of Rivia. He also writes that his new mailing address is:

C / O Vesemir 
Kaer Moren 
Kaer Morhen Valley 

He adds finally: “Please note that I am rarely there. The monster hunt is what it is. So the answers, if any, will be few and far between. ”

The Witcher on Netflix: Not for now

For the record, it is Lauren Schmidt Hissrich ( Daredevil ) who acts as a showrunner on the project that should arrive in 2020. Much work remains to be done before starting filming in Eastern Europe, starting with the rest of the cast to find. Regarding Henry Cavill, she says on Twitter: ” It was my first date. I did not have writers or scripts yet – just a green light and a lot of passion. It was 4 months ago, and I never forgot the passion he brought. He is Geralt. He has always been. I’m so excited to welcome Henry Cavill to The Witcher family.