If you follow the Netflix news and / or you like the Witcher saga, you may know that the VoD service is working on a TV series adapted from the license …

The project Witcher started there is little time to the giant Netflix VOD. For now, the details are slim, especially concerning the casting but some actors have already expressed a great interest to participate in this adventure. This is the case of Henry Cavill, known for his roles as Superman / Clark Kent in the film universe DC.

Henry Cavill very interested in the role of Geralt in the Netflix series The Witcher

Asked by IGN during a press event for Mission: Impossible – Fallout, when asked if the actor would be interested to play Geralt in this adaptation signed Netflix, Henry Cavill answered immediately: ” Absolutely. Yes, it would be a great role. “And to add that he had loved the game:” The Witcher 3. I did it in one go. I love this game. It’s really a good game. “

Henry Cavill and video games is a big story. In a previous interview, the actor admitted to having practically missed the opportunity to play Superman because he was too engrossed in his part of World of Warcraft to answer the call of Zack Snyder, call that precisely concerned this role. He also revealed that he read the books on which the game is based: ” The books are fascinating. They are really, really good … They are really worth reading. 

Still few details but the hype is there!

That being said, the Netflix series will be based on the books written by Andrzej Sapkowski, unlike the game. In other words, what we see on the screen will certainly be slightly different from what players remember. Let’s just hope that the result is at the rendezvous!