Supermodel happy with young boyfriend.

45-year-old Heidi Klum boasts an extremely successful year 2018: she not only found her love, but also became a bride . 29-year-old beloved Tom Kaulitz made her an offer on the eve of Christmas. On January 2, the show was broadcast by Ellen DeGeneres, whose guest was the famous model. The transfer was recorded, alas, until the moment when the star became engaged to her boyfriend. When Ellen asked Klum if she wanted to marry a Kaulitz, the model answered this:

“I still believe in love and marriage, although I have twice failed in this. I think that I am not very good at it … But I met a wonderful person, let’s see what happens! ”

As it turned out, Heidi was in vain worried – two days after the recording of the show, Tom asked for her hands and hearts.

Recall before the novel with Kaulitz Heidi Klum was married twice: she lived in marriage with stylist Rico Pipino for five years, and with singer Silom, from whom she bore three children (the fourth child of the model he adopted) – seven. Tom, by the way, was also married – his marriage with model Riah Sommerfeld lasted six months.