Celine Dion spoke about her renewal since the drama that has changed her life.

Three years after the loss of René Angelil Celine Dion, seems to have come back.

Beyond her smiling appearances in more and more sophisticated looks or surprise her subscribers with offbeat publications, the star spoke about her new life as she went to the store of her clothing brand, in the 3rd arrondissement of the capital.

“Since my childhood, I work, I do what I like, but now, I work, I do what I love, and I also have fun (…) René gave me the luggage for the I’m doing the best I can to raise my children, to create my passions, to surround myself with real people I love, and to explore life, “she told BFMTV .

A few days ago, René-Charles was 18 years old. Through a message filled with love addressed to elder, she had a thought for her late husband.

“You have become a man and I am very proud of you, of what you are and what you become each day (…) I wish you to take full advantage of the moment and all the possibilities of life that you are lucky, intelligent and talented, you will be able to make the right decisions, I am sure (…) You have a guide up there, pursue it artist, your father who will help you make the right choices, and here, there is me to hold your hand and always embrace you with my unconditional love. “