The parents had different points of view.

American actress and model Dakota Johnson attended the James Corden Show, where she talked about tattoos, piercings and other transformations of her body at a young age. It turned out that such “embellishment” was allowed by the mother, the famous Oscar nominee Melanie Griffith. “My mom took me to the salon to get my navel pierced when I was 14 years old. She also did the same to herself, “admitted the star of the film Fifty Shades of Gray.

Also, the 31-year-old actress said that she also made her first tattoo at the suggestion of her mother, while her father, actor Don Johnson, was categorically against such changes in appearance. “He said if I ever get a tattoo, he will give me up,” the model shared. However, keeping everything a secret with her mother, Dakota did what she wanted. In order to prevent her father from fulfilling his promise, the actress filled herself with one of his signature phrases as the first tattoo. How Don reacted to this, Dakota did not tell.

Now, according to the actress, there are about 12 tattoos on her body, some of which she disliked terribly, as they began to seem “stupid”. Despite the impressive number of drawings on the body, Johnson does not consider that she is a “tattoo lover”, especially since in 2021 people take it for granted, “conservative”.