Producer Harvey Weinstein says he is “not OK” in a video published by the TMZ site but hopes to have a “second chance” after many women accused him of assault or sexual harassment in the last days.

Harvey Weinstein was speaking as he was leaving a Los Angeles home on Wednesday and was entering a vehicle.

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In remarks captured on video, he says that he must “go for help” and that “we all make mistakes”. He concludes his remarks with a remark filled with obscenities.

Consternation in Cannes

The organizers of the Cannes Film Festival say they have learned with “consternation” the accusations of sexual violence against Harvey Weinstein.

The president of the festival, Pierre Lescure, and the general manager, Thierry Frémaux, wrote in a joint statement that “these facts are unpardonable behavior that can only give rise to a clear and unqualified condemnation”.

Harvey Weinstein attended many times at the renowned festival, and several films he produced were selected in competition.

Messrs. Lescure and Frémaux added that their thoughts went “to the victims, to those who had the courage to testify and to all the others”.

“May this case help to denounce once again serious and unacceptable practices,” they concluded.

Twitter account suspended

Twitter account of actress Rose McGowan has been suspended, temporarily silencing one of the central figures of the allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

The actress writes on Instagram that Twitter had suspended her account because she would have broken her rules. “There are powerful forces at work,” she writes on Twitter, asking others to “be (her) voice.”

Twitter representatives did not want to comment on Thursday.

The New York Times reported that Rose McGowan was among the many women allegedly harassed by the producer. This one would have agreed financially with the actress in 1997.

“Now I have permission to say rapist,” she wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

Rose McGowan also recently described Ben Affleck as a “liar” on Twitter, suggesting that the actor was aware of Harvey Weinstein’s conduct. The representatives of Ben Affleck did not reply to the messages on this subject.

Political shakes

The sexual scandal surrounding Harvey Weinstein has splashed a former president, a former presidential candidate, and now a former presidential adviser.

After Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who benefited from donations from the Weinstein family, it was the turn of former Donald Trump strategist Steve Bannon to be touched by the scandal.

Mr. Bannon, whose website Breitbart News criticized the Democrats for accepting political donations from the producer, also benefited from his relationship with him more than a decade ago. Steve Bannon chaired a small company distributing DVDs and did business in 2005 with The Weinstein Company, led by Harvey Weinstein and his brother Bob.