52-year-old Halle Berry ( Halle Berry) said , that we should not rush into such an important matter ,like motherhood. Nala’s daughter and son Maceo actress gave birth to her after , she turned 40 years old.

In May, the third part of the franchise about the mercenary John Wick will be released. Berry plays the main female role in the film. In New York, a closed screening of the film. Before him, the star found time to talk to reporters.

When the conversation turned to the birth of children , Holly said that she considered the right decision to wait with the birth and focus on life and career. “You are more than ready for parenthood at age 40 , than when you are 20. You are better versed in itself. You have achieved a lot yourself, ”said Us Weekly Berry .

Star says , that a person with experience and position in society can provide for the development and promotion of a child more , than young parents. And the women , who are considering starting a family later , Holly says simply. “Do it”

Berry rarely shows 11-year-old Nalu and five-year-old Maceo in public. But recently, she made an exception – last Sunday in America, Mother’s Day was celebrated , and the actress published a family photo. The faces of the children are not visible on it – they are sitting back to the camera.