In Atlanta, the opening of the film studio of an American actor, director, playwright and screenwriter all rolled into one Tyler Perry.

Many famous people came to congratulate the owner of Tyler Perry Studios, including Beyoncé, Halle Berry, Whoopi Goldberg, Kelly Roland, Oprah Winfrey, Spike Lee and others.

Tyler Perry became the first African American to open a film studio without the help of partners and commercial corporations.

Why did it happen so late and take so long? I’m glad Tyler was the first to do this among blacks? Now he is the person who makes decisions, chooses films, and he should not be humiliated and ask for something. He never knelt and in the end got what he deserved!- said Whoopi Goldberg in an interview with Hollywood Reporter.

Tyler Perry himself called the opening of the film studio “the American dream” – about 800 guests came to support him, mostly African-Americans who were proud of their friend, colleague and brother.