March 24, 2002 will forever remain a special date for Halle Berry in her life. On this day, the actress received the coveted gold statuette of the Oscar for her role in the movie “Monster’s Ball.” But, as the star confessed, she is unlikely to be able to talk about that evening, because after a thank-you speech she got drunk before unconsciousness.

Halle Berry became a guest on the Hot Ones show, according to the rules of which she had to answer various questions while eating spicy chicken wings. When the presenter asked the actress if she remembers how she celebrated her victory at the Oscars, she shook her head: “No, I was drunk. I got drunk soon after I took my statuette. I remember nothing from that evening. ” Then the host showed her a joint photo with Denzel Washington and Elton John and asked if Holly came to the singer’s party. “Well, I think I was there. Judging by the picture with him, I should have been there, ”Berry laughed.

The star also said that people still often comment on her role in the movie “Catwoman”. “A lot of people told me that they don’t care about someone else’s opinion because they like this picture. And when I asked what exactly others were saying, they answered: “Well, they say the film sucks. Maybe, but you were good! ”“ – told Holly. She added that when she asked to play in the sequel “Catwoman”, she invariably replies: “Not in this life.”