Half of the relatives of Astroworld refused money from Travis Scott for a funeral

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Half of the families of those killed at the Astroworld Festival have refused Travis Scott money for the funeral. Rolling Stone already reported on Tuesday that the relatives of one of the ten dead did not want to see money from the rapper, but a day later the music magazine writes that a total of five families are involved.


Scott, the creator of the festival in the American city of Houston, had offered to pay for the funerals. The lawyer for 14-year-old John Hilgert, one of the visitors who died in the crowd during the event last month, calls the gesture “humiliating and inappropriate”.

The families of nine-year-old Ezra Blount and Jacob Jurinek, Franco Patino and Axel Acosta (all three 21 years old) also did not need a contribution from the rapper. Their lawyers say they doubt Scott’s motives, because he had announced via a press release that he wanted to pay the funeral costs. For example, he gave the impression that he only wanted to “remove the public outcry”, says Jurinek and Patino’s lawyer.

Scott has dozens of charges hanging by his pants because of his badly out of hand festival. The rapper is accused of being negligent because he would not have stopped his concert soon enough when the crowd panicked.

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