A few weeks ago, Demi Lovato overdosed. Her whole family was very worried about her and her sister shared a beautiful message.

Several weeks ago, Demi Lovato scared the whole family and her fans. The singer overdosed and her sister wanted to support her on her birthday.


On the night of July 24, Demi Lovato was at a birthday party in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. The singer had called her dealer to provide him with drugs. The starlet did not know that her supplier had given her a blend of oxycodone and fentanyl . The drug nearly killed the woman because she had to be rushed after overdosing.

Fortunately, today, Demi Lovato is much better and she left the hospital for several days. At present, the woman will be in Chicago with her family. She will still have to be treated for her addiction so that it never happens again. The American singer had already made several overdoses because she was addicted to drugs as well as alcohol.


The family of Demi Lovato seems very present for her and more particularly her sister, Madison De La Garza. For the birthday of the singer, it has left a beautiful message on Instagram. In addition to wishing a happy birthday to her older sister, Madison admits to having been terribly afraid for Demi. She believed that the singer was going to die after her overdose and the message is particularly poignant.

“Today, it could have been one of the worst days of my life. Instead, I spent my time thanking God, the amazing doctors, and the Demi team. And all the people around the world who have shown their support. Without all these people, I would not have my older sister. I thought about how I would like people to see all the crazy things they do. Like, for example, how her nostrils move when she says certain words and how she places my hair behind my ears when I try to sleep. Because all these things I am thankful for today. They seem so small but it’s these things that shape my sister – Not a singer – Not a celebrity and not what she is in the media. She is a girl, a friend, a big sister. And I’m so grateful to say that today: Happy birthday. ”  Wrote the sister of Demi Lovato on Instagram.

Today, Demo Lovato is resting quietly with all the people she loves. However,she will have to fight in the coming months his addiction for drugs . The singer had already unveiled her problem earlier in the year in a song: Sober.