American actress Gwyneth Paltrow has been charged with a doctor who was injured in 2016 during a collision with her on the ski run at Park City in the Rocky Mountains. The victim Terry Sanderson filed a lawsuit with the court in Utah on Tuesday and claims 2.7 million euros in damages according to the local news channel KUTV.

The court documents show that Paltrow lost control of the skis and collided with him, causing brain damage and breaking four ribs. The incident took place on February 26, 2016 on a beginners track in the Deer Valley resort. The ski resort has also been sued, People reports.

Sanderson says that Paltrow left him after the collision and did not call in any help. He also claims that a ski instructor who accompanied the actress mistakenly produced a report stating that Paltrow did not cause the crash.

According to a spokesperson, Paltrow sees the lawsuit with confidence: “This lawsuit is completely unfounded. Everyone who reads the facts will realize that. “