It would seem, not so long ago, in the 2000s, Gwyneth Paltrow was one of the most sought-after Hollywood actresses, but in fact 7 years have passed since Gwyneth decided to reduce the number of roles to a minimum — and now she admits that the acting career does not miss at all.

In fact, Gwyneth’s latest film outside the Marvel Universe is the failing Mordecai with Johnny Depp 2015. After that, Paltrow appeared in a cameo in “Spider-Man: Returning Home” in 2017 and again appeared for a couple of minutes in the role of Pepper Potts in “War of Infinity” in 2018. In a new interview, Paltrow said that all this is part of her plan: Gwyneth, who concentrated all her strength on developing her lifestyle brand Goop, decided to abandon her acting career, by and large, which she does not regret.

“I absolutely do not miss. This is so strange. I didn’t hate it all. But I just don’t miss the acting profession, ”admits Gwyneth. “The level of creative realization that Goop gives me is so insanely high that I feel absolutely realized.”

Previously, Gwyneth said that she now approaches roles very selectively, agreeing only to those that constitute “the best investment of time and effort.” “For example, something like Avengers.” I fly to Atlanta for two days, see friends, shoot a scene with Robert [Downey Jr.], go back home. ”


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