Not being able to go to the toilet for a big message is not exactly a pleasant feeling. Fortunately, Gwyneth Paltrow (47) now has a solution for this. The actress previously released a candle with the scent of her orgasm and has now released another remarkable product.

The health guru sells the item on the website of Goop, Gwyneth’s lifestyle brand. ‘The Essential Bathroom Footrest’ initially seems to belong in a minimalist living room, but it is really intended for the smallest room in the house. The stool, made of wood, is specially made to “ support western toilets, ” according to the website, as these often don’t offer the best posture to do your needs.

If you want to do your shopping more easily, you have to pay something, about 220 dollars to be exact (converted about 192 euros).

Gwyneth previously offered a candle for $ 75 that would smell like her vagina. The wellness queen worked with a perfume maker on a new fragrance when she realized what perfume they had made. “Um, this smells like vagina,” the actress would have said at the time. The Marvel star later gave a special twist to her wildly popular vaginal candles. The new variant does not smell like her vagina, but about her orgasm.

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Coming in hot. Get it while you still can 🎆

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Not everyone is impressed with the products and Gwyneth is even called a con man. In conversation with  Mashable  , the actress has already lashed out at the people who criticize her brand and the series  The Goop Lab . She claims that news websites want to benefit from her success. “It’s an inexpensive and easy way to attract people to their sites.” It is not the first time the actress has been discredited by the controversial topics she covers.