The Avengers Star takes an example from Elizabeth Hurley and promotes a new collection of swimsuits from her Goop brand, showing off the models on herself. Gwyneth Paltrow founded the company selling products for a healthy lifestyle, back in 2008, and never ceases to show what results can reach its loyal fans.

Snapshots in swimsuits 46-year-old star publishes on the official Goop page on Instagram. On a new black and white photo, Paltrow is sitting on the steps and sunbathing. In the signature to the post, the actress gave a link to her store, where it is indicated that you can buy such a swimsuit for $ 363. Even though Gwyneth looked great in a black bikini, subscribers were skeptical of the offer. Jennifer Garner wrote that she would not buy a kit, but she is ready to pay $ 20 for the same press as from a star. In the comments, it was supported by other users who did not understand why a simple swimsuit costs such money, but did not stint compliments for the actress.

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Although the Paltrow brand, according to some, earned $ 250 million, scandals flare up around it. For example, in October last year, the company threatened to court because of vitamins for pregnant women, in which, according to doctors, there was an increased content of vitamin A. A month earlier, the brand had to pay a fine of 145 thousand dollars.