44-year-old Alex Rodriguez was robbed. Thieves hacked his rented car , after which they stole electronics and jewelry.

The incident occurred in San Francisco , where Rodriguez arrived for a baseball game. While the athlete was having dinner after the game , the abductors removed jewelry , a camera , a laptop and other gadgets from his car . City police have already launched an investigation into the crime.

Groom Jennifer Lopez was upset about the incident. “I am saddened by the fact , that several items of a personal nature was stolen. They were very valuable and indispensable for me, ”said Rodriguez.

Baseball expressed hope , that the police will be able to find the robbers. “I am encouraged by the fact , that local law enforcement agencies are videotaping the scene and do everything possible ,to give me back my stuff,” – quoted Alex the People .

Trouble happened on the day Jay Law performed in St. Petersburg. Beloved singer did not upset her before the show. He romantically supported the star on the network , showing her photo in a bikini and noting that he misses her insanely.

Lopez returned to the United States , and the couple began active preparations for the wedding. The holiday promises to be luxurious – the banquet will cost lovers $15 million.