The fans of Ça will have to wait until January 24 to get their hands on Andres Muschietti ‘s film on video, but then, pretty surprises will be waiting for them.

Indeed, we already know the content of the American edition of the film to global success. As it is not clear why Warner would not share the same content internationally, here is what we have a good chance to find as soon as Grippe-Sou the Clown will bring back his ganache of children’s bunter from home.

You will be entitled to some promotional featurettes, which we do not know if they will have any interest whatsoever. It will discuss Bill Skarsgard’s makeup  and clowning, a topic about young performers, and an interview with Stephen King about writing the novel Ça.

But what should excite like crazy fans of the feature film is the presence of 11 scenes cut or reassembled. Indeed, we knew well,  Andres Muschietti not hiding from it, the film had to leave on the floor of the editing room several sequences, so as not to reach an excessive length.

So, we look forward to find out what It is still in the womb.