Next week, fans of Gray’s Anatomy will be able to discover the last episode of season 14. The fans could attend the next end of the medical series.

For more than fourteen years, fans have been following Meredith Gray’s adventures in Gray’s Anatomy. The medical series is still so successful but it could soon stop. Attention, the article contains spoilers!


The Gray’s Anatomy medical series is watched by millions of viewers in the United States and France. After years of broadcasting, fans do not get tired of Meredith, Alex and other doctors. Shonda Rimes, the creator of the series, always finds new stories for our favorite doctors. Thus, in recent years, surgeons had to fight against a killer, an airplane crash or a fire.

After all these events, we still wonder what can predict the showrunner in Gray’s Anatomy. However, the US channel ABC has already renew the series for a season 15. However, the next season may well mark the end of the adventures of all doctors. Ellen Pompeo, who plays Meredith Gray has made some very disturbing confidences about the future of the series.

“You get there. Shonda and I will make this decision together. I think one of the greatest lessons that this series has taught me in being so long is that relationships are changing. They evolve and require work. “Confided the actress.

The fans are hoping that Gray’s Anatomy will not stop in the next season. Nevertheless, Ellen Pompeo wants to spend more time with her family. In addition, the actress admitted that she would seize without hesitation her luck if she held a role in another series or in a film. So, it seems that she is less and less motivated to put herself in the shoes of Meredith Gray.

“If there is a great opportunity for me, of course I’ll do it.” Confided the actress.

Meanwhile, next week, fans will discover the finale of season 14. Viewers will finally be able to attend another wedding in the medical series. Indeed, after the wedding of Owen and Amelia, it will be the turn of Jo and Alex to say “yes”. Nevertheless, it is hoped that nothing will disturb the marriage of the two lovers …

The next episode of Gray’s Anatomy will take place Thursday night in the United States.