It would seem, more recently, in the relations of Ed Westwick and his girlfriend, Jessica Serfati’s models, everything was cloudless – their novel was even tested by a scandal, and Jessica supported Ed while he was accused of harassment and rape. Now, insiders say that after more than a year of relations, the stars decided to part ways.

According to the source, Westwick and Serfati left the common apartment in Los Angeles, where they lived together for the past few months, and spend time separately. “Ed did not abandon Jess, I think they still love each other – they just took a break to work on themselves and do their careers,” says the familiar couple. “They still communicate, but Jess has a role in the film and now spends a lot of time shooting.”

Ed Westwick and Jessica Serfati began dating in May 2017, and between the stars was all serious – the actress and model even introduced her new boyfriend with a young son from her first marriage (in 2013, after 6 years of marriage, Jessica divorced her husband, Ididia Serfati).