Google is currently experiencing a worldwide outage. France is particularly affected by this phenomenon.

Google is an indispensable tool for anyone browsing the web. Thanks to his many services, it is impossible to find an answer to his question. But then what happens when the global giant is malfunctioning? Netizens are lost! Because, if you have recently noticed that several services of the firm worked badly, it is quite normal. This is a huge breakdown that has hit France hard for several hours …

France is particularly affected

If you’ve done a search in the last few hours, you may have noticed that opening an image in Google Images was impossible unless you went through a new tab. Ditto for the results of the Maps service via the Google search page while the Translation is for absent subscribers. No matter the operating system or browser used, these malfunctions persist and come well on the side of Google. DownDetector also revealed that France is one of the most affected countries in addition to Japan and the US East. It will be necessary to wait until the giant corrects these problems as soon as possible to be able to use his services effectively again.