The latest version of the OS developed by Google will arrive very soon!

There is a mobile operating system that is most prevalent in the telephony market: Android. The latter, developed by Google, is present on many smartphones whether it is a Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, Oppo, Sony Xperia etc. And with this OS, many versions of which the latest is none other than Android P which should, according to the company, soon land at the users. As a reminder, Android Oreo, released last August, is for the moment present on a tiny part of the smartphones in circulation. The deployment of new versions is still struggling to be done, remains to know whether Android P will suffer or not …

Android P will arrive soon in users

In any case, this is what Google suggests through the release of the Developer Preview 5 of Android P. A sign before the official deployment of the latest version of the operating system that will bring security updates but features in more. Of course, the output on smartphones will also depend on the manufacturer of these. Some, like LG, are accused of putting a lot of time to offer these novelties. OnePlus seems to be the good student just like Samsung. The distribution of different versions of Android has always been a big problem for the operating system.

With this Developer Preview 5 of Android P, the various developers will be able to report to Google the slightest problem to add corrections before a deployment that we imagine soon. The applications will also have to be adapted to this new version while rumors evoke a native support of the notch, new aesthetic standard adopted by many manufacturers – including Xiaomi or Huawei on some smartphones!