If our pride takes a hit every time, we like it when it happens like that, because it reminds us when we were small and marveled at nothing. We remember why we love cinema and suddenly, why it’s good to have a new Cloverfield.

We can certainly say that  JJ Abrams is a big clever since it is the second time he made us the shot and we fall into the panel. Already at the time of  10 Cloverfield Lane, he had managed to surprise us by taking the film out of his sleeve when we did not expect it at all. But here, for The Cloverfield Paradox, it’s even bigger.

It’s been a long time since we heard about God Particle, the third film taking place in the universe established by Cloverfield, directed by Julius Onah. A film of which we obviously knew nothing except that its diffusion in the cinema had been compromised and that it would probably be available on Netflix in a very short time. And that is to say the least!

Netflix and Abrams have just managed a master stroke because while everyone expected the Super Bowl trailer to show us a broadcast in the spring, we learned, stunned, that in reality the film was already available on Netflix! And you have to have a hell of a pair to try something like that, especially when it comes to a $ 40 million budget film coming out like that, without any promotion.