In 2000, “Gladiator” with Russell Crowe in the lead roles was highly appreciated by critics and spectators, and also received an Oscar statuette. It would seem that the story of Maximus the Merciful was completed and exhausted, but the tape producers announced that they were working with Ridley Scott on the continuation of the original film.

In an interview with HeyUGuys, Walter Parks and Laurie MacDonald confirmed that the sequel to “Gladiator” will tell the story of a matured Lucius – the son of Lucilla and the nephew of Commodus. Although a few years ago, Ridley Scott promised to resurrect the dead hero Russell Crowe for the sequel, the tape producers decided that a jump in time would be a better and more logical solution. Peter Craig, the creator of The Hunger Games and The City of Thieves, will write the screenplay for the film.

What to expect from “Gladiator 2” is unknown, since the first film, although it mentioned historical figures, was far from the real story. Many assume that the creators will have to completely invent a plot, since the real Lucius died at a young age.

Recall, “Gladiator” earned at the box office $ 460 million with a budget of $ 100 million, received seven Oscar nominations and took five gold statuettes, including for “Best Film”. Will the sequel 20 years later repeat the success of the original tape, time will tell.