Hunter Killer is a film whose story can be found on the poster and on the synopsis, and in advance, such films can only be shot better than the protagonists who are hoping for the horse and half-comedic cheating what’s going to happen. 


So, this film will not turn to the chair with unexpected turns and astonishing advances, but let’s take the man on a movie with such a poster for it:

If, however, we go to the cinema to see popcorn, as a very firm, hard but fair, brave, and half-honored JENKI submarine captain prevents RUSSIAN from exploding World War 3, we are in the right place. Captain Glass is aware of a coup plan, the outcome of which is similar to the classic commando / submarine / fighter film of the eighties, with the NUMBER pushing the button and letting go of freedom.


Donovan Marsh and the writer Arne L. Schmidt-Jamie Moss based Hunter Killer on the tech-riller Firing Point written by George Wallace, a former Navy writer with Don Keith. The Summit manufacturer had to give them a break in how many times the US Navy should be set to world redemption in the movie when they get into the budget. They got in, so the parts of the film taken on naval bases and vehicles seem to look good. 

In addition to Butler, Gary Oldman, Common, Linda Cardellini and Toby Stephens are also shown in the film: October 26