George Clooney, who thanks to the sale of his tequila brand not so long ago topped the rating of the highest paid actors Forbes ( logic! ), Was in first place in another rating of “the most-most.” Compiled a new list of financial publication Business Insider, calculating how much celebrity money is earned per hour ( spoiler: more than some of us for a year ).

“Silver” rating went to Kylie Jenner, who very soon can become the youngest billionaire in history. Given that at the time Kylie earns 19 thousand dollars, this achievement is clearly not far off. Well, and closes the top three hard worker Duane Johnson, whose roles in the movie bring about 14 thousand dollars per hour.

However, the leaders of this rating have far-reaching for comparison, Mark Zuckerberg, according to the same experts Business Insider, earns 1.7 million dollars per hour.

Top stars who earn the most money for an hour are as follows:

George Clooney – 27 283 dollars per hour

Kylie Jenner – $ 19,006 per hour

Dwayne Johnson – $ 14,155 per hour

Ellen DeGeneres – 9 988 dollars per hour

LeBron James – $ 9,760 per hour

Taylor Swift – $ 9,132 per hour

Beyonce – 6 849 dollars per hour