Kit Harington has such a hard time with the end of Game of Thrones that he has moved into a clinic. The actor is also struggling with alcohol problems, several insiders told The New York Post and Page Six.

According to the sources, 32-year-old Harington, who spent eight seasons as Jon Snow, has been in a luxury health clinic in Connecticut for a few weeks.

The Brit receives psychological coaching, behavioral therapy and does a lot of meditation. This approach should help him deal with stress and negative emotions. The clinic would cost more than $ 120,000 a month according to TMZ.

According to the initiates, Harington is particularly touched by the end of Game of Thrones . “He realized: this is it, this is the end,” a friend of the school actor claps. “They have worked so hard on this for years. He wondered: what now?”

The actor approached the clinic “mainly for stress and exhaustion and also for alcohol problems”. His wife Rose Leslie, who also played in Game of Thrones but had to leave the series earlier, is completely behind him. “She is an extraordinary support. Everyone around him wants him to get some rest. That’s what he needs right now, rest.”