A source says that the actor still can not forget his colleague.

In the television series Friends, Matthew Perry and Courtney Cox played a couple who eventually got married. Us Weekly, referring to its source, reports that 50-year-old Perry and in real life breathes unevenly towards the 55-year-old Cox.

Matthew has always been in love with her. He couldn’t forget her,

– reports the publication.

The other day, fans of the series were delighted with Courtney’s new Instagram post: she posted a fresh selfie with Matthew. Cox said she had lunch with a colleague and was incredibly happy to see him.

It is known that from 1999 to 2013, Courtney was married to David Arquette. Now she is dating rock star Johnny McDade. Perry met with Yasmine Blyth, Julia Roberts and Lizzie Kaplan. However, recently the actor has encountered health problems. Perry struggled with addictions and was bedridden last summer due to perforation of the digestive tract.

The actor underwent a heavy operation and a long recovery, which is why he completely left the radar.
Recently, The Hollywood Reporter announced a possible reunion of “Friends” – all participants in the series plan to reunite for a special project. However, this implies the docking of the graphs of all six stars, and the organization process can be very long.