Fortnite’s entire career was sucked into a black hole.

We knew Fortnite developers were about to make a big bang at 8 o’clock tonight, and that was literally meant. The event, known as The End, remained true to its name as the whole game exploded. 

While the black hole has been expanding and presenting seemingly random numbers around it, a new mystery has emerged in the official Fortnite account on Twitter:

The Fortnite event for Season 11 has officially taken place, and it seems that the original Fortnite map – the only Fortnite map – is gone. The original map seems to have exploded after a series of rockets crashed at a central point, just below the weather-frozen meteor. Now, the only thing left is a screen that shows a black hole.

A total of about six million people watched the events on YouTube on ls Twitch, and although “only” 1.5 million viewers chose the latter, it was almost enough to lay the entire Twitch system. The Mixer also jerked hard during the broadcast. What do you expect for Fortnite’s future?