Former astronaut John Glenn funeral send of Today
Funeral rituals for Former astronaut John Glenn would take place Thursday in the Arlington National Cemetery.
Final ritual and prayers would be done by John Glenn family, invited guest which inlcudes astronauts would say goodbye. This funeral would take place in a small but private service at the Old chapel.

John Glenn was the first American who orbit the Earth. According to the family of John Glenn the Funeral ceremony would be close for the public and media so the wife of Glenn and his children may have the chance for the more personal goodbye service.
The flags for the federal entities would fly at half-staff in the honor of Glenn. This event would be telecasted Live on NASA TV.
Glenn Died at the age of 92 on 8th Dec. But there was a great outpouring of people for the former fighter pilot astronaut who made the history and U.S Senator. Thousand of people who wanted to pay tribute and honor to Glenn visited his flag-draped casket. His body was kept at the Ohio Statehouse for longer period than Abraham Lincoln.