Without having traveled or been in contact with an infected person, an American citizen declared the symptoms of the coronavirus.

The coronavirus epidemic (2019-nCoV) is gradually spreading, turning into a pandemic. In France, a first patient died yesterday at Pitié-Salpêtrière, while there are 505 new cases in Korea, 18 in Japan, 75 in Italy, 106 in Iran and 7 deaths, or 433 new cases and 29 deaths in China, focus of the virus. If the number of infected decreases compared to the previous week, they are spread over more countries around the globe: England (2 cases), Spain (4 cases), Switzerland (3 cases), while Austria, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Estonia, Iraq and the United States all have new or first cases of patients with coronavirus according to midday data available today . If these cases are all related to people who have been in contact with other patients or returning from affected countries, the United States announces a first disease whose origin is unknown.

A first case of unknown origin

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms a case in northern California through the voice of its spokesperson Scott Pauley. The patient, a resident of Solano County, receives medical care in Sacramento County. ” The individual had not experienced exposure to the virus through travel or close contact with a known infected person ,” officials of the California Department of Public Health said in a statement on Wednesday. release from The Sacramento Bee .

Mike Pence will manage the crisis in the United States

Donal Trump said yesterday that the risk of infection in the United States remains “very low”, an opinion contrary to that of his own experts. Vice President Mike Pence has been appointed to manage the crisis. He encouraged people with HIV to pray for recovery from an opioid crisis in Indiana, is a creationist who expresses doubts about the theory of evolution and wrote an editorial in 2000 claiming that the consumption of tobacco does not kill . Trump himself in 2014 pointed out that he had “no medical experience” and “no experience with infectious disease control”.