Fans waited with impatience, and Disney Studios unveiled the first official trailer for the Frozen sequel. Elsa and Anna will return in order to understand what a mysterious game the past has conceived and whether there is enough magic for them to come out of it as winners.

The poster and trailer for the upcoming cartoon promise the audience a new exciting adventure in which Elsa, Anna, Christophe, Olaf and Sven will go. The heroes have to endure the dangers and, perhaps, uncover the secrets of Ehrendel. Viewers have to find out whether Elsa is really waiting for a new love interest that fans have so much asked for, and whether it will be a female character. However, the main intrigue for the creators is whether the sequel to “Frozen” will be able to surpass or at least repeat the success of the original picture. Recall that in 2013, the cartoon earned more than 1.2 billion dollars with a budget of 150 million dollars and became one of the most successful animated films in history.