Timothy Shalame feels confident not only in front of the camera, but also in front of a mirror. The 23-year-old actor, the star of the films “Call me with your name” and “The Beautiful Boy”, has won the fans for many years with his elegant and extraordinary bows – for which the media have, not without reason, dubbed him the most stylish representative of the younger generation of Hollywood.

Shalame is not afraid to experiment: he prefers the classics, then chooses bold shocking images. So, at the premiere of “The Beautiful Boy” in London, he stepped onto the red carpet in a floral print suit by Alexander McQueen. And at the festival in Palms Springs, the actor, by contrast, appeared in a strict gray suit and snow-white shirt.

Among the most discussed images of the actor is also worth noting his image at the Golden Globe Award. Shalame, who claimed the award for the Best Supporting Actor nomination for the Beautiful Boy tape, diluted a simple black shirt with an original Louis Vuitton thing. There was a shiny vest on the actor’s chest, more like a sled or breastplate.

At the BAFTA British Film Academy awards ceremony, the young fashionist once again attracted attention. This time he put on a bright, almost leopard jacket, the same shirt and cropped trousers with stripe stripes from his favorite fashion designer Haider Akerman. Sure, this is not the most extravagant outfit that we will see on a rising Hollywood star.

“Being involved in the fashion industry is very interesting – I declare, as its fan. I do not want to work with a stylist or someone like that. I just like to watch designers like Rough [Simons], Hyder Akerman, Edie Sliman – these guys look like rock stars. They are real creators, ”Shalame told VMan magazine in an interview.